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Beauty Boss


Learn to Market and Sell Your Digital Products, Plus Earn BIG with Resell Rights!

Including Master Resell Rights, this course is a collaborative effort by seasoned marketers boasting a collective two decades of expertise, aimed at delivering an unparalleled guide to social media and branding.

Discover all the essentials for marketing and selling your digital beauty products online, all while earning through Master Resell Rights, and crafting a compelling online brand presence. Your social media brand stands as a crucial asset, enhancing the value of your endeavors.

Owning Master Resell Rights with this purchase grants you the privilege to resell the course, retaining 100% of the profits!

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130+ Videos

Dive into over 130 detailed videos covering everything from social media strategies, marketing, branding, to mastering the sales process.

Community Calls

Join our dynamic success community for networking and support. Participate in our weekly calls focused on mindset and business growth.

No Upsells

One payment unlocks it all. No hidden fees, no upsells—just pure knowledge.

Funnel Templates

Cut down hours of work with our ready-to-use sales funnel template, included free with your course purchase.

Lifetime Updates

Enjoy forever access to the course, including all future updates, new video additions, and our vibrant support community.

No Income Cap

Embrace the potential for unlimited earnings with Master Resell Rights—your effort, your profit.



Explore the Blueprint of Success with Comprehensive Lessons & Exclusive Resources

  • Funnel Building

  • How to Build a High Quality Brand

  • How to Launch

  • Posting on Instagram

  • Posting on TikTok

  • Content Creation

  • Email Marketing

  • Attraction Marketing

  • Being Efficient

  • How to Stay Organized

  • Beginner Insagram Reels

  • Video Editing with VVLO

  • Video Editing with CapCut

  • Creating Value Videos

  • How to Succeed in MRR

  • Faceless Marketing

  • Beauty Business Branding

  • Mindset for a Successful Business

  • Selling Online

  • Daily Methods of Operations

  • Affiliate Program

  • How to Use Chat GPT

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What is MRR?

MRR stands for "Master Resell Rights" and it is a legal clause attached to the course that allows you to resell it for 100% profit. Simply, if you like the course & think it's valuable - you can also sell it to your audience for an additional stream of income!

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

- You want to build a powerful brand & social media presence

- You want to increase sales for your online business or digital products

- You're looking for an additional stream of income through MRR

What support do I have?

When you buy the course, you get instand access to our community. There you can ask questions & connect with people. We host 3 mindset calls a week & a weekly Q&A where you can continue to develop your skills.

Do I have to resell the course?

Absolutely not! The resell model is a bonus on top of all the value included in this course and community. It is completely optional!

Is this the same as other MRR courses?

No it is not! This course has 100% unique content from the courses out there. The deep focus with our course is on your branding & social media marketing.

Is this Network Marketing?

o it is not! This course is independent of any Network Marketing company. There is no team building or multi-level aspect. You are simply selling a digital course for 100% profit.


No Refunds: Due to the nature of digital products & the ability to instantly access and download them, we do not offer refunds once the purchase is made. All sales are final.



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