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Adia Garcia

Meet the founder of TRUST Academy and Beauty Bar, Adia GarciaHer love for beauty and aesthetics came at a very young age and grew into being an avid lover of skin-care, facial and body treatments.

What started off as being a regular client herself at some of the

Top Medi-Spa's in Toronto then blossomed into her vision of creating an environment where she could channel her passion, drive and dedication. 


This then led her to follow her dreams and attain degrees in Para-medical, Advanced Aesthetics and Spa Management where she transformed from the client to the technician. This allowed her to see the aesthetic industry from a different perspective. With over 6 years of experience in the Medical Aesthetic Field, Adia has evolved the Trust Brand into a Multi 6 Figure Business. 

Trust is the key core value to everything. Adia was inspired to build Trust not only as a Beauty Bar but a place where she could bring together a group of talented women who she has empowered to vibrate at their highest potential. Her constant drive, infectious positivity and extensive knowledge of skin has provided an opportunity to create an illuminating experience for every client who walks through Trust’s door. 



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